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Hi, I’m Ros.

Your time management coach.

I’ll help you simplify your business so you can work less and live more.

Is your business running you and not the other way around?

Time Flow offers streamlined solutions for solopreneurs who want a business free from complications and overwhelm.

You started your business because you craved freedom. The ability to create your own schedule, to spend more time with your loved ones, and not sit at a desk all day building someone else’s dream.

But that freedom is elusive for many solopreneurs because they’re wearing too many hats.

It’s exhausting constantly switching between emailing customers, posting on social media, preparing invoices, figuring out taxes, and then finding time to execute client work. There’s always a new problem to solve or a creative project to bring to life. But without simple systems in place that maximise your time and align with your priorities, you’re running yourself ragged and heading for burnout.

It’s not a sustainable way to live — or run a business.

    Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You never make a dent in your to-do list, it only gets longer.
  • As a solopreneur, you’re responsible for everything — client work, marketing, IT — the list never ends.
  • You’re afraid to say “no” to a client because you don’t want to miss out on the income, but you have no idea how you’ll find time to complete the work.
  • Downtime? That disappeared years ago, along with the dream of a work/life balance.

If those situations hit a little too close to home, then I can help you get back time, save energy; and find freedom with a fresh approach to time management coaching I call Time Flow

What is Time Flow?

Scale your business without getting buried in digital clutter.

With Time Flow you design a life and business that feels spacious, abundant, and energised. It’s about setting up simple systems and processes that don’t just get more things done but make your life easier. There’s no complicated tech to master or a huge team you have to manage.

Your life is too precious to spend another second feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

It’s time to simplify your business and take back control of your life.

What does time flow look like for you?

  • Is it more quality down time with your family and friends?
  • Is it creating more money without having to work longer hours?
  • Is it having you time for self-care, learning, creativity, and fun?
  • Is it feeling confident that you’ll follow through and achieve your goals?
  • Is it simply finding freedom from the feeling of panic and overwhelm?

Your Business on Time Flow

From Overwhelmed Entrepreneur to Calm and Confident Business Owner…


Entrepreneurship called to me because I wanted freedom. It was only after co-founding my company that I realised I was anything but free.

My “office” was my kitchen table. I’d work until two or three in the morning, never changing out of my PJs, with just blue light from the computer illuminating my face, unsuccessfully trying to do everything on my own.

Two years in, my business looked like a dream come true — from the outside at least. We’d hit 7-figures, were running events around the world, and had 15 full-time employees, but I wasn’t happy.


The more success we had, the more complicated my life got.

I worked long days, weekends, and holidays. I didn’t have time to exercise or care for myself. I lived in a perpetual state of anxiety, worrying about work. Even my hair started falling out.

I had built a business that required me to be involved in every decision big or small. Without systems in place — and all the details swimming around in my head — my team still had to come to me for approval on everything.

At the time, it felt easier to just do it myself than to teach someone or create time-saving systems. We were growing so quickly with new clients and so much to do, we felt like we’d run out of time to get organised.

But I was the one holding my business back and overcomplicating my life. I was the bottleneck. I needed to reshape things and implement systems that made work less overwhelming and more efficient.

That’s when I found balance and got my freedom back. Not only did the systems I put in place improve my life, but they also allowed my business to grow beyond what I could do on my own. We were no longer limited by the hours I could work or the details I was juggling in my brain. My company reached 30 employees and 8-figures, all while I had more time for myself, my hobbies, and my passions.

  •  I spent two months in Buenos Aires learning to paint and my business kept on running.
  •  I produced a short film in India that was nominated for a BAFTA in 2020, and my business kept on running.
  •  I was able to stop working in the evening and even turn off my phone. I had time to practice yoga, cook nutritious meals, curl up with a good book, and yes — my business kept on running.

Today, I share everything I’ve learned with Time Flow. As your time management coach, I’ll help you simplify your business and integrate it into your life, so you can find freedom too.

Looking for more freedom in your business?

“The thing that makes Ros so distinctive is her ability to move quickly between the weeds of your daily operations and the weeds of your brain. She can easily spot how one of them (spoiler alert: it’s your brain) is sabotaging the other. Her processes make it easy to untangle things that might otherwise appear to be a lost cause.”

-Alexa Shoen

With Time Flow I…   

  • get so much done — without fret, overwhelm, or worry
  • led my first company to multi-million dollar revenue
  • live with innate trust that I will meet my deadlines and achieve my goals
  • feel nourished by a balance of rest, healthy habits and learning
  • have loads of downtime to travel, adventure and play with the people I love
  • am growing and developing as a better version of myself every day

My coaching goes deeper

than offering tips:

Downloading more apps or searching more time management hacks won’t solve your problem.

You need to dismantle your mindset that’s keeping you stuck in the first place. Otherwise, you’ll wind up peddling in the same spot without creating lasting change.

By the time we are done working together, you will have learned how to rewrite your identity and create a life that reflects you as the person you want to be — the version of yourself beyond what you thought possible.

Here’s what you should know about me…

I pour my energy into creating things. I’ll figure out how to rewire my kitchen if I don’t like the lighting or send a friend a handmade postcard. It’s my nature to make things work faster, better, shinier, smoother — and solve problems in a systematic way.

To me, solopreneurs are the heart of any community.

I believe in supporting them and keeping finances local — away from big conglomerates. Small businesses are good for our planet, our communities, and our collective conscience. That’s why as a time management coach I’ve dedicated myself to helping them succeed.

I never leave home without:

● Red lipstick. All day, every day.
● My colour-coded calendar. Can’t function without it.
● Headphones, because podcasts.
● Sparkles. Chandelier earrings.   Bold, patterned outfits. I don’t need a special occasion.


Creating order out of chaos is my superpower.

I’ve pulled together events attended by 25,000+ guests that required organising hundreds of people to make them work. I love figuring out frustration-free systems that save time and improve lives. They allow us to focus on the work that really matters, like being creative, helping other humans, and making the world a better place

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