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About me

I’m Ros Croad. For nine years I've worked as a creative producer and entrepreneur in film and events. In 2015, I co-founded Affiliate World, an international events company specialising in online marketing.  Under my watch, over five years the company grew to more than $27M and 30 full-time employees.

Then, when the pandemic hit, I burned out with how I'd been living. And, all around me, I heard people saying they'd also burned out with how they'd been living.

So, I decided to completely redesign my life.

I left London for the Brighton seaside to redesign my work with intention. Today, I run 1:1 intensives for small company owners to help them build business systems that prioritise your life as much as your work. I also run a series of Make Time workshops for corporate teams to help them break the cycle of constant busyness and distraction to make time to focus on what matters everyday.

When I'm not facilitating, consulting, or writing, you'll find me crafting, rocl climbing, adventuring in the the wilderness, or hosting extravagant whimsical private events.

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